Funeral insurance

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Think about it first, with the certainty that the wishes are respected.

We allow people to solve the problems related to their death in a preventive way, avoiding creating problems for their relatives.

A difficult time
The organization of a funeral service always poses extremely difficult situations, especially in a reality, such as the Italian one, which has always been unwilling to face any preventive evaluation regarding the event of death: the latter is still perceived as a reality in itself. standing rather than as the natural event that closes that wonderful path we call Life. We prefer to exorcise it by not talking about it: only to face the practical tasks involved in the loss of a loved one and, therefore, solve unknown problems and make complex decisions in a short time. It thus becomes extremely easy to make wrong choices and, at times, as disrespectful of the will of those who left us as they are difficult to manage by the survivors, relying on the first enterprise that happens.

A simple solution
Our organization has chosen an exceptional partner to promote the culture of funeral insurance: Banca Generali. Together we propose an insurance tool thanks to which today it is possible to foresee and plan all one's own funeral expenses and the procedures for carrying out the funeral rite while you are alive: the policy offered leaves nothing to chance; all services and eventualities are provided, including the possibility of changing, adapting or updating the choices made. The goal we set ourselves is in fact simple: to allow people to solve problems in advance, avoiding creating problems for their relatives, who will thus be able to be sure that the wishes of those who have left us will be fully respected.

An idea widespread in the world
The idea of "think about it first" is already widespread in the world: in some cultures, social security formulas similar to this can be stipulated, even using personalized formulas that provide for periodic deductions from salary. In Italy we are still at the first steps, even if the requests we receive are more and more numerous.

An idea to be explored
If you want to talk to us about this proposal, you can contact us directly and without any obligation by calling +39 0481 960620 or by sending us an e-mail to request all the information you deem necessary. In the meantime, you can download the illustrative document.

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