Premiata Impresa Remigio Preschern

Funeral home services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling any of the numbers of the offices indicated

Pompe funebri - Premiata Impresa Remigio Preschern

Experience and professionalism

We guarantee maximum assistance to families affected by bereavement, replacing them in the disengagement of all activities directly or indirectly related to the organization of a funeral service. We manage the bureaucratic and administrative tasks following the funeral service. We offer professional advice for a peaceful bereavement.

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Premiata Impresa Remigio Preschern - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Why "Premiata Impresa"

Active in the area since 1919, we have chosen the name Premiata Impresa to remember the countless certificates conferred on us as recognition of the seriousness and professionalism that make us, as well as the undisputed provincial leader, also one of the major organizations in funeral services sector.

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Our locations and offices

In the province of Gorizia since 1919

Complete funeral service

Preparation of the body, rite organization, procedures handling


Cremation service and destination of the ashes

Stock Flowers

Coffins covers, decorations and floral compositions

Music in church

Music services in church

Funeral epigraphs

Printing and posting of death notices

Cemetery works

Photoceramics, columbarium plates, maintenance


Publication of obituaries and anniversaries in newspapers and online

Exhumation and Extumulation

Ordinary and extraordinary cemetery procedures

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funeral Rites

You may access the obituaries / anniversaries and rites sections to find out time and place where civil and religious funerals, organized by our company, will take place.

We offer a free Online Condolence service to be able to leave a message of condolence to families affected by bereavement. All messages will be posted on this site and then personally delivered to the family.
You can consult the funeral rites that will be celebrated today and in the coming days.

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